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Friday Feature – CPR Cell Phone Repair

26 Mar
Don’t you just hate when technology doesn’t work the way you want it to? Luckily, our Friday Feature this week is here to save the day! CPR Cell Phone Repair Fenton, located in our Gravois Bluffs shopping center, can fix anything from your phone, to your laptop, to your gaming console. And not only that, they also sell Certified Pre-Owned phones and Macbooks along with premium accessories from ZAGG. If all of that wasn’t enough there are repair and accessory discounts available for their Gravois Bluffs business neighbors and repair and accessory discounts available for Military, Emergency Responders, Healthcare Workers, and Teachers. Visit them online at https://www.cellphonerepair.com/fenton-mo/, call the number below, or visit them in store to see all they have to offer!

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